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Future Plans

Construction is nearing completion on the new building that will house the Mosaic Templars Cultural Center. The museum was originally supposed to be housed in the historic Mosaic Templars of America Headquarters Building located at West Ninth and Broadway Streets in downtown Little Rock; however a fire destroyed the ninety-two year old historic building on March 16, 2005. The new Mosaic Templars Cultural Center (scheduled to open September 20, 2008) has been designed to reflect the architecture and vision of the original Headquarters Building, which served as an anchor to the thriving black business district along West Ninth Street.

Architectural rendering by Architect Tommy JamesonThe new structure will reflect the early twentieth century commercial-style architecture of the original building, including a red brick facade, square pilasters, and neoclassical style cornices. The exterior will closely resemble the original four-story structure, however the interior has been designed to house a 7,500 square foot exhibit space on the first floor; staff offices, an oral history studio, and a genealogy center on the second floor; and an auditorium occupying the third and fourth floors of the museum for public events. The Cultural Center's opening exhibits will interpret the business enterprise of Arkansas's African Americans as well as accomplishments in politics, civil rights, and the arts. The third floor auditorium will resemble the original Temple Auditorium, including a horseshoe-shaped balcony and a stage with proscenium opening.

Construction of the auditoriumThe first floor will feature immersive, interactive exhibits which document the Mosaic Templars of America organization from 1875 to 1935, the evolution of the West Ninth Street black business district, and the demise of the neighborhood. Exhibits will interpret the social, cultural, and political development of Little Rock's African American community during the late nineteenth and early twentienth century. Pioneering businesses such as a pharmacy will demonstrate an example of viable black entrepreneurship. An art collection by renowned sculptor, Isaac Scott Hathaway will highlight prominent black Arkansans. Cultural Center staff offices, conference rooms, and work areas will be located on the second floor. The large auditorium will again occupy the third floor and host live music performances, lectures and forums.

The new Cultural Center will include a technologically advanced educational facility. School groups will have an opportunity to experience, firsthand, the Center's exhibits and participate in programs about early twentieth century entrepreneurship, political causes, and artistic pursuits.

Interior layout designed by Architect Tommy Jameson

Future Plans

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